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We are here to bring you the most unique, stylish and never-before-seen products that are hard to find anywhere else. Want to know what the  best thing about that is ?!

They’re created and offered by amazing women in Ireland!

You are lovely Throw Blanket
Make them feel special with this "You are Lovely" throw blanket! The perfect way and most thoughtful way to remind them just how lovely they are! This soft silk touch ...
18 K Gold Fill Heart Necklace
A beautiful token of just how loved they are. A 18jek Gold Fill heart pendant is suspended on a gold fill chain; the perfect piece to finish off any outfit, ...
Let’s do some naughty rude stuff – Va...
Sometimes the easiest way to say I love You is with a little bit of humour!And this "Let's Do Some Naughty Rude Stuff" Valentine's Day Card" does exactly that! Perfect for ...


We exist to champion female entrepreneurship in the local community.

We know how hard this pandemic has been on households, particularly on Women as they’ve had to bear the brunt of the burden caused by staying at home, with many of these women effectively losing their jobs due to this pandemic!


Eve’s Market was created in response to this effect! We want it to be a gateway for women of Ireland into micro entrepreneurship and become merchants and sell their products or services online – because we know how talented most of these women are! 


Currently, there are hundreds of women who are skilled designer’s, crafters, growers, makers, bakers, marketers, and so on and so forth who’s way of making an income has been slashed within a blink of an eye with most not knowing when they will be able to trade again or provide their services at a full scale again… 

So in response to the effect that the pandemic has had on traders and women’s livelihoods,  we wanted to create a marketplace that will not only facilitate and enable women of Ireland, and yes, that includes migrant women too who are legally able to work in Ireland, to not only create their online stores and start selling their creations and services online,  we also wanted Eve’s Market to be the place  that brings you the most unique, stylish, and never-before-seen products and services that are hard to find anywhere else!

We wanted to support the power of women coming together! By amplifying their skills & creativity and making their work readily available online without the need to shell out 1000s of Euros in order to build a website alone, we are increasingly making it easier to enable female micro-entrepreneurs of Ireland go digital and trade online with ease thanks to our amazing Online Marketplace!

Love is… Valentine’s Day Card
Sometimes the easiest way to say I love You is with a little bit of humour!And this "Love Is... Valentine's Day Card" does exactly that! Perfect for Valentines day, Birthday, engagement ...
Staying in Valentine’s Day Card
The perfect way to say 'I love you' this Valentines day or on an anniversary, birthday, or just because you want to show someone just how special they are!This card ...

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So if you’re reading this and have been wondering  how can you use your love of sowing or growing to make money or how to sell your creations to a wider market beyond your local community? 


Eve’s Online Market is your answer! 


We wanted to create a simpler,  cheaper and affordable means of being able to advertise, sell and receive payment for anyone selling their products or their  services on our platform in a much safer way. Plus we wanted to create a way for any of our product provider or service provider to be able to sell 24/7 all over Ireland during & after the pandemic!


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