Gift Guide : discover 10 thoughtfully small but mighty gift ideas for everyone you love this Christmas

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Now that Halloween is well and truly over, It won’t be long now until Christmas lights are twinkling and all are hustling and bustling in search of that perfect-one-of-a-kind Christmas present for those they love! In fact, I bet there’s already Christmas lights twinkling right around where you live as we speak! Which, no doubt, makes it ever so important to discover those thoughtful gift ideas for those you love for this Christmas. And let’s face it,  that’s no easy feat for anyone,  even for the seasoned shoppers amongst us! 

You see, the trick with finding that unexpected, and distinctive find for your nearest and dearest this Christmas, not only lies in one’s ability for impeccable organisational skills ,  but also in one’s ability to know where to shop if the objective is to find something unique, bespoke, and oh-so-thoughtful! And the beauty of that is whilst you’re looking for that special, unique gift, you’ll most likely end up stumbling upon something magical, beautifully created by a talented small biz owner that is dying for your support this Christmas. And those are the very merchants and creators that we here, at Eve’s Market like to support!

You see, we are making it our mission to support talented female creators that need help selling their products & services and finding customers like you!

So, take this post as a way to save you hours of scrolling and searching the internet so that you can give the extraordinary this Christmas, and carry on reading to find out what’s trending right now in our Christmas Shop and discover 10 thoughtfully small but mighty gift ideas for everyone you love this Christmas from our talented creators and partners who would be delighted with your support this shop small this Christmas.

it’s time to get prepped for Christmas 2021. Go on, shop till your heart’s content, , for the most thoughtfully small and mighty Christmas gift ideas await you in Eve’s Online Market!

The “Mulled Wine & Tinsel” Christmas Jumper 

stylish “Mulled Wine & Tinsel Christmas Jumper hoody. Still Available TO SHOP HERE!

Well, we can’t possibly kick off the Christmas gift Guide without mentioning the obligatory Christmas jumper for the silly season ahead. The beauty about this Christmas jumper is that it’s funny, stylish and one-of-a-kind.  We especially adore that slogan saying “Mulled Wine & Tinssel Time” printed all across the front!

Now if that doesn’t say silly season is here, I don’t know what will!

This is the perfect gift idea for yourself just because… or your BFF who you know will most def find this jumper hilarious and not to mention a perfect addition to their Christmas wardrobe!

The Good News Is: It’s Still available to shop HERE! So hurry before they are all snapped up as we have limited sizes available!


Quarantine postcard message
Best friend postcard, lockdown message, personalised card, Postcard, greeting card for friends, gift idea for friends, family time, best friends gift idea, Christmas gift, Available to SHOP HERE!

With covid numbers going the way that they are, we probably won’t  be able to spend Christmas with everyone in our lives in the name of precaution! Why not send your loved ones this thoughtfully small small gesture to their Letterbox to remind them that even though they are out of sight, they are most definitely NOT out if mind!

This is a lovingly designed greeting card on a 55mg paper with a blank space for you to insert your own personal message before sending!

This is perfect for those stationery lovers out there or anyone that appreciates good, craft design by local merchants!

These cards are available to shop HERE!


Let them cosy up with this soft, silk touch throw blanket. Ideal for when they are lounging on the couch during chilly evenings. Available to SHOP HERE!

Let them cosy up with this gorgeous “Dinosaur & World Map” Throw Blanket… Perfect gift idea for a house warming, or those Dino-Mad little boys and girls in your life. We’re talking your little nieces, nephews or grand grandchildren! Great gift idea that will have them thinking of you everytime they cosy up with their little blanket!

Shop this cosy blanket HERE before it’s gone!


Personalised Apothecary Candle aromatherapy candles
Personalised Apothecary Candle aromatherapy candles, gift idea, self care, Irish made, handmade gifts, soy wax candles, wax candles, mason jars. SHOP HERE!

I don’t know about you but I find that being gifted a beautifully scented candle to be such a treat – mostly because I can neve have enough candles.

Equally, gifting a candle to someone in your life is such a thoughtfully sweet and joyous act  , not only for you as the giver of the candle but for the recipient too…

That is why this gorgeous AROMATHERAPY Wick Don’t Kill My Vibe is such a no brainer for anyone looking to find something thought for a colleague,  a friend , a house warming gift,  or a personal gift to yourself just because…! Lord knows you’re going to need it now that sully season is upon us!


Remind them of that special memory with this Personalised Disc Pendant Necklace Jewellery… Perfect for Anniversary, Bridesmaid’s Gift, Birthdays, CHRISTMAS, ETC. Available To Shop HERE!

Yes that’s true, nothing says merry Christmas quite like a beautiful piece of jewellery! Why  not take it a step further and personalise it to show just how much you care! 
This round initial pendant necklace will do just the truck, don’t you think?

Available to shop HERE!


Because mugs aren’t just for Christmas,  they are for everyday use! Why not gift this playful designed mug to cheer up someone in your life with that rainbow motif? 
This is especially perfect as a gift for someone that needs reminding that Rainbows were God’s way to remind us that better days are coming!” Plus, this makes for a perfect insta-worthy cup of coffee to your morning routine,  don’t ya think?!

Give this to your mum, sister,  bridesmaids and they will love you forever!

And THE GOOD NEWS IS: This Beautifully Designed Mug is still Available TO SHOP HERE! But hurry, we don’t anticipate it being available for too long!


Thoughtful gift to send loved ones
This is a wonderful & thoughtful addition to a Birthday or Christmas Gift to Someone You Love. Send it by post as a Greeting card, postcard, post notes, lockdown letter, lockdown postcards to someone you love. All Greeting & Postcards are left blank inside for your personal message. SHOP HERE!

Know Of anyone that could do a little Positivity in their life? Well, these Positive Mantra Postcards are the perfect gift to send Positive vibes to anyone in your life.

Shop our full range of Greeting Cards Here!

Newlywed Christmas jumper 

Know of any newly married lady that still celebrating being married? Then this First Christmas as Mrs… jumper is just what they need! 
Imagine the look on their face when they open this gift to mark their new married status this Christmas?!

Absolutely stunning!

Make sure you shop it here before they are snapped up!


Psst… Did You Know That All Of Our Product Range Is Female-Created Because We Partner With Female Sellers

… Because we are crazy enough to believe that women  deserve the chance to follow their dreams and be financially independent!

We believe that a woman’s place is where she is happiest the most and were she is most fulfilled, and if that place is were she gets to create ad sell her products to you from , then this is the right place for her!

That is why we have set up this little Online Marketplace – we want to champion  as many women as we can  all over Ireland to come forward and sell their handmade (or digitally-made) goods – be it your facemasks, hoodies & jumpers, portraits, art, etc.

We want to support those small independent sellers because we know how hard this pandemic has been on households, particularly on Women as they’ve had to bear the brunt of the burden caused by staying at home, with many of these women effectively losing their jobs due to this pandemic! 


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