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Our Belief

We believe that women have the capacity, creativity, and determination to achieve the economic independence that they are looking for—all they need are the resources.

Think of the number of potential customers you could reach when you decide to STOP just selling on Facebook alone and widen your reach a little bit?

You see, When you sent up your Online Shop with us, you crate endless potential to be   visible in Search engines like Google!  Setting up your Online Shop as a seller or vendor on Eve’s Market enables  our vendors & sellers  manage SEO for their store pages. They can write custom SEO meta, store permalink, and description right from their front-end dashboard , and that’s powerful  – especially when you want to be discoverable on Google and other major selling platforms!

What makes us different?

We are here  to empower you to sell your crafts, creations  and services  online and become the powerful female micro entrepreneur and earn an income – all from channeling your skills and passions online – because guess what?!

Online Shopping is what your ideal customers are dong just this second, and we want you to be right where they are – but at the fraction of the cost, yay!!


We handpick every one of the sellers & vendors we work with and are particular about quality! We're looking for unique ideas, thoughtful executing, and a creative spark and we think you might have it!

It Only Takes 3 Steps To Register

STEP 1: Register as a seller over here [dokan-vendor-registration]

STEP 2: Pay for your Online Shop for €24,99 by Clicking Over Here

STEP 3: Start uploading your products on your very own Shopfront and start selling!