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Why we shouldn’t forget to Shop Small in 2021 and help those casualties from female-heavy sectors forge new paths into micro entrepreneurship during the age of Covid-19 pandemic!

2020 was a year of new experiences , particularly new shopping experiences!

We’ve saw pubs and restaurants almost overnight, change their businesses to move online, whilst gyms & Yoga instructors offered their classes over Instagram Live & Zoom – all charting a new experience of interacting with their customers.

And while that may have been great and truly imaginative by all accounts, the female micro-enterprise segment in Ireland has, no doubt, been suffering and going unnoticed as almost in a blink of an eye, opportunities to grow their side businesses and sell , for instance, their handmade jewellery, provide one-of-a-kind manicures, or sell art prints , baked goods or those delicious homemade jams at the local craft fairs all came to a complete halt as these Irish female micro-entrepreneurs had fewer options to pivot whilst continuing to reach their customers and offer their products or services with ease – until now where the opportunity now exists for independent female crafters, creators, bakers, face-mask makers, sewers, and designers to sell their sometimes personalised, handmade products from their independent Online Stores via the newly formed Eve’s Marketplace

We want Eve’s Marketplace to be a gateway for women of Ireland into micro entrepreneurship and continue to sell their products or services online – and that includes migrant women too who are legally able to live and work in Ireland! Why? Because the survival and wellbeing of every woman in Ireland matters! 

How One Female Founder is Helping To Support Female Micro-Entrepreneurs Continue to Trade even in the face of Covid-19 Restrictions

how to start an online business,

As the pandemic and lockdown measures continue to cause major shifts in how everyone shops, one female founder – Lindsay Malatji O’Shea of www.evesmarket.online saw a gap in the market and an opportunity to help Irish Women continue to sell their products or services online by building a Multi-Seller Online Marketplace specifically geared towards helping Irish women who can’t afford the €2,500 cost of building a new website on which to trade from, increase their chances to continue selling throughout this pandemic by offering a much easier, and cost-effective option of an Etsy-Style Irish Marketplace that will afford our female micro-entrepreneurs the possibility to continue to trade even in the face of Covid-19 restrictions.

Recently, a new Facebook Group called Sell Your Goods Online Ireland was also set up by Ms. O’Shea to help anyone with a side business that is looking for more advertising opportunities and exposure find new customer base beyond their existing social media pages join the group and further advertise their products or services. For more info on this Facebook Group or to join, visit Sell Your Goods Online Ireland!

What Ms. O’Shea hopes for, is to help anyone that might find this group (Sell Your Goods Online Ireland) helpful to join so that we can create more advertising opportunities for hard-hit female breadwinners to continue to do what they do best and ultimately put food on the table for their families 💖

And as for the Multi-Vendor Marketplace, Ms. Oshea states that

We’re actively responding to the pandemic by offering multiple shop front opportunities to talented independent female sellers in Ireland to enable them to continue selling their products and services online and perpetuate the “Shop Small” movement that we’re seeing so much! We want to be the online marketplace that offers continuity of sales revenue by opening up  tons of ecommerce opportunities to our sellers! And hopefully, by so doing, we can help give Irish Women a bit of support.

– Lindsay Malatji O’Shea

So if you’re reading this and you still need an online store for your side business, Please visit www.evesmarket.online and Start Selling Online Today! For More information, contact info@evesmarket.online

Final Words from Ms. Malatji O’Shea….

As the pandemic and lockdown measures continue to cause major shifts in how everyone shops, the most logical thing for us at Eve’s Market is to help Irish women increase their chances to continue selling throughout this pandemic by creating a Multi-Seller Online Marketplace for goods and services – which offers them opportunities to start their very own ecommerce stores, and meet the increase in consumer demand for online shopping!

Lindsay Malatji O’Shea – Founder!

Shop Small Now and Help Us Support Independent Sellers Across Ireland

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